Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hello. The time i said 'Hello' is because i really feel paisei when i need to say that, it is a verrryyyy longgggggg time ago i do not touch this blog already. The time i get into this blog again is after half of the year and near to the end of the year 2009. Since, i have long time do not write anything in this blog, so, from here on, i will try my best to write all my memorize life happened in this half year and share with you all. Just get your time to enjoy it. 10s ^_^

p.s. Sorry Joey. I promise you that i will update my blog since three months ago. paisei :)


  1. wahh.. finally... update jor~ remember the story of huo long guo also needa write ohh.. xD

  2. wah also view my blog!!! Oooopssss, ok ok.